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Graduation project
'Kracht in Kaart', a project of three passions combined. I've never had to comprom-ise so much.

'Kracht in Kaart' was my graduation project, for which I worked together with two other CMD students. It took us almost seven months to complete the project. This project was a challenge for me because it involved my biggest passions, I had so many ideas and often wanted the impossible. I learned to be flexible, to get to our goal.

The name 'Kracht in Kaart' (KiK), loosely translates to 'Skills made clear'. KiK is a serious game as well as an interactive installation. The game is made for students to quickly and effectively (re)discover their own skills and abilities. This is done by the game being a smart object and giving the players help and insights.

The game stimulates feedback between the players. This makes them learn about themselves through their fellow students.

Title screen
Kracht in Kaart
Spatial concept
Kracht in Kaart
Kracht in Kaart
Metaphor game
Kracht in Kaart
Other Work
Except for the featured work above, I've done a lot of other projects, which I'd like to showcase here.

Global Mediaid During this project, we were one of three excellent traject teams. Our main objective was to document the project from the sidelines.

Hospital Panic A serious game, made for the St. Elisabeth Hospital. The intent of the game was to teach nurses in training about the peripheral IV in a fun way.

Natural Interaction An interactive installation we made specially for kids. We provided a way for the GDM Breda to participate in the children's books week.

Internship Ocen The main project i worked on during my 5 months period of internship at the full-service design agency Ocen.

Civic Integration The first project during my minor Learning Experience Design. We made a tool for immigrants to learn about the Netherlands in a fun way.

Invasive Species A project on behalf of the museum Naturalis, Biodiversity Center. We made an concept for a new exhibition about invasive species.

Depth of the Surface We were to make a commercial video for the bicycle brand Gotan. We got inside the heads of our target group, kids, this is the result.

Generatiekloof Every year of CMD, there is one week of free space. During this week I made Generatie Kloof; a game designed for different generations.

Go Outside Durability for the environment was our goal. We let the creativity flow and designed an engaging marketing strategy!


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About Me

Hello! So as you might have guessed, my name is Chris. I'm currently living in a place called Breda in The Netherlands. I'm a perfectionist, being able to spend days on practically nothing. I'm curious and live by impossible standards for myself. Also, I'm an introverted wannabe extrovert, which makes for a bit awkward, but open, warm-hearted and relaxed personality.

A bit of the past

From the day I was born I've been able to entertain myself by looking at the world around me. I've always been looking for some kind of adventure, like at the age of ten going into the (not so wild) Dutch wilderness and crafting hunting gear from sticks. Later on, I just kept feeling the urge to create, to make things to engage myself in the world around me. After this eventually transcended into a healthy obsession for games in my early adulthood, I realised how I wanted my future to be. I decided to go study Communication & Multimedia Design at Avans University. This is where I learned to use my powers for good; I discovered interaction design, the user experience and how to engage people with the things I made.

A bit of the future

With only 23 years of lifetime experience I've got lots of plans for the future. Go kite surfing, get myself an old school arcade, find a girlfriend, and much more. But most importantly, I want to keep learning. For I've only just started out in this world but plan to go a long, long way.


My blog is still a work in progress as we speak. It will hopefully be online soon. In the meantime, you can find whatever keeps my mind occupied on Facebook and Twitter.

Quick Facts

I love to win and apparently I'm bad at hiding it.

I'm a true rockstar! With a promising career at Guitar Hero.

I know more dog breeds than I do car brands.

I like tasting special beers.

My favourite pokémon is Magicarp.

I'm an 'extreme-sports' enthusiast.

I love to watch as well as play improv theater!

I'm a hella awkward dancer.